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Welcome to Research Preprints

February 16, 2017 mrittman

Welcome to Research Preprints. The aim is of this site is to be a collaborative space to discuss ideas about how preprints can contribute to dissemination of research and integrated into current practices.

And it needs your input.

I am looking for contributors. The platform should present views from researchers, those running preprint servers, publishers, librarians, indexing services, members of industries and services that rely on scholarly output and anyone else who feels they are a stakeholder. One-off and regular contributors are welcome. If you have a proposal for a post, please get in touch via the contact page.

I also invite you to comment on posts. Discussion should focus on the issues at hand and be constructive. Differing points of view are encouraged, but should be expressed with respect. Almost all participants in the discussion have the same goal: creation and dissemination of high quality research by the best possible means.

For those running preprint servers or aggregators, there is a page of this site dedicated to listing these services. Please provide a short description (up to 150 words).

The idea of putting research papers online before peer review is not new, however the last 12 months has seen an growth in interest from fields outside its traditional strongholds of maths, physics, business and economics.

Expansion in the adoption of preprints raises questions, though: What is a preprint, anyway? What kind of status should preprints have in relation to the peer-reviewed literature? Are preprints a stepping stone on the way to a peer-reviewed article or could they become a new way of assessing and testing research? How sceptical should a reader be of what they find in a preprint? What are the risks associated with making preliminary work widely available?

There are questions about implementation: Should there be minimum criteria for a preprint server? How can preprints be run sustainably and could they be financially independent? Is there a business model for preprints, and should there be?

There are also issues around acceptance: How do preprints fit into the research ecosystem? What benefits can authors take from preprints and do they increase or decrease the quality of reported research?

These are just a few questions this platform has been created to address and I am looking forward to finding out some of the answers.